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At St John's, the intent of our systemic, synthetic phonics programme is to create confident, fluent readers who  subsequently enjoy a life long love of books and reading.   Systemic synthetic phonics is the primary approach used in teaching pupils to decode print and read words.  It is our belief that reading is fundamental to pupils' development as it enables them to access the world around them.  

Published Systemic Synthetic Phonics programmes (SSPs) must meet all of the essential criteria as set out by the Department for Education (DfE). The teaching staff and leaders at St John’s are currently in the process of evaluating each of these SSPs before selecting the most appropriate programme.  St John’s Church of England Primary School has revised its current SSP against the new criteria.  This will ensure that before a new SSPs is implemented, staff will have a good understanding of where the current practise meets the new criteria, and where practise has been modified in preparation to deliver a new SSP. 


At present, Letters and Sounds is used as a curriculum overview to map out content and when it is taught.  The teaching material presented to the pupils utilizes Jolly Phonics resources, supplemented by Phonics Play & Spelling Play.  


Discrete phonics sessions are taught daily in YR - Y2, with Y3 revising some Y2 content to ensure that all pupils are secure following the disruption caused by COVID-19.