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Year 6 Games

On Wednesday 26th June Year 6 took part in the annual end of year games held at PRUS. The children all participated across a range of sports. The overall result was very tight, with St.John's coming second by 3 points. It was a fantastic day where all the children demonstrated sportsmanship and team work. Thank you to all the parents who came to support. 


Year 6 games Reports

Tag rugby - By Anna and Josh

This a Quick report on the rugby in the year 6 games 2019. In the tag rugby we were a team of 10 and we really dominated the pitch and won all of our matches and we came home with a gold medal.

Our first match was against Princes Risbrough Primary School we had a good strong start and by half time we had got our self in a great position  and at the end we had won and the score was 2-11 too us.

Second match was Monks they were okay came on to a steady start and by half time we were just winning by 1 point so after half time we had to make some more tries and that’s what we did we powered through and won that match

Now it’s the moment we were all been waiting for we were playing Naphill it was a bit of a rusty start and by half time it was 2-2 it was very tense I had a little pep talk with everyone and after that we were working great as a team and we scored a load of tries and the Naphill did not know what had hit them at the end of the 8-4 and we were all very happy with our performances

Now the final match was Longwick we were being very calm and now we were just enjoying the game. By half time we were in the lead and were far ahead as soon as we got back on the pitch and ended up winning easily. So overall it was a great day for St Johns.


Players: Anna (captain), Joshua, Holly, Harry, Raphie, Edward, Will, William, Georgia and Adam

Helped by: Mrs London


Short tennis - By Harry 

When we got into the sports hall we practiced me and Freddie warmed up with Oliver and Henry. Our first game was against Princes Risborough Me and Freddie won against the double we played but Oliver and Henry did not manage to win. After that we played against Monks Risborough the same thing happened then we played Naphill me and Freddie won but Henry and Oliver sadly did not. After that we played Longwick me and Freddie prevailed once more and Henry and Oliver got a draw.


After that we played the other team from each school these were the scores:

St. Johns 1 (me and Freddie) - win – loss - Princes Risborough 2

St. Johns 2 (Henry and Oliver) – loss – win Princes Risborough 1

St. Johns 1 – win – loss – Monks Risborough 2


Over all we came second as Naphill just managed to get first but the tennis team did very well in the year 6 games.


Football - By Ronnie and Jack 

This year in year 6 games the football team did exceptionally well not scoring less than 8 goals a match! Overall they scored a great amount of 38 goals.   Going like this:

Jack-14 goals

Sam-9 goals

Ronnie (Captain)-8 goals

Ollie-3 goals

Raphie-3 goals

Jacob (goalkeeper)-1 goal


Unfortunately one of their players Reuben could not make it because he was ill, but Raphie who was playing tag rugby filled in for one match and managed to score 3 goals!

First they played Risborough School where they won 13-0 without much competition. After a short break they played Monks Risborough who had previously beat them in the year. Once again St Johns prevailed and won 8-3. Then it was time for St Johns to play the unbeaten in three games, Naphill. First off we got an early goal by a great pass by Ollie and a top corner finish by Jack. After that St Johns scored goal after goal until it was 7-0 by half time. In the seconds half Naphill came at them attackingly and managed to get 4 goals back but then St Johns secured the match win by scoring one more goal and then defending the lead. At the end of that match it was 8-4 to St Johns. The final match of the day was against Longwick School where Jacob scored his goal and we comfortably won 9-0.

At the end they found out their positions, the football team won overall. St Johns came 2nd by three points but at the end of the day it is the taking part that counts.


Netball - By Autumn

The year 6 games occurred on Wednesday the 26th of June. We played against several schools all of were great competition. The hardest school we faced was Naphill who managed to come out on top with a three-point lead we followed in second place overall.

In the netball team representing St John’s was me (Autumn) Emily B, Emily L, Dylan, Luca, Emma, Liberty and Megan F. We had an amazing time and in the end we were placed 3rd which is an amazing accomplishment.

I would like to thank a few people who really made this trip worthwhile. These people consist of: Miss Moulder, Mrs Marshall, Mrs Thomas, Mrs Moss, Mrs Cook and of course Princes Risborough upper which without their help we wouldn’t get this opportunity.  


Hockey - by Kiran

The St John's hockey team contained these players, Kiran B, Adam G, Darcy B, Sophie E, Poppy P, Kitty J and Joey C. We played well against the other schools (Risbrough, Monks Risborough, Longwick and Naphill). All of the team were amazing, we all had our own ways to do the best in our positions. Kitty, Poppy and Sophie played defence most of the time, Joey sometimes in goal, Darcy in defence or centre, Adam or me upfront in centre or attack. We won one, lost two and drew two, overall we came 4th as a team.


Table Tennis - By Harry and Ossian

After a ten minute break, while the other four teams played against each other, this was an opportunity to see how the other teams played and who was the best. First we played against Princes Risborough which we won by a lot. Then we played against Monks Risborough which we also won. We had a lunch break after for 15 minutes and then next we played against Naphill. This was harder than the other matches but not too hard. Then our last match was Longwick which quite easy and once we beat them we knew we had won. In the matches each person would get five serves and then someone else would have five serves. We had ten minute matches and we would have five minutes on either side to decide who was serving we would flip a coin every half as a team we picked heads every time. Over all St. John's came second overall and table tennis won. Our biggest challenge was Naphill which we beat we as a team got first Monks Risborough got second and Naphill got third.


Cricket - Jazelle 

The year six games occurred on Wednesday the 26th of June. We played against four other schools and came second, which is a massive achievement which we are very proud of. Although St. Johns didn’t come first, Year six still had a great time. The schools we played against were very good at cricket, we only lost by merely nine runs.

The cricket team were amazing and were brilliant at working together, even when we got a no ball when we bowled or if we missed a ball when batting, they supported their team-mates. The cricket team consisted of me, Chloe, Nathalie, Brooke, Oliver S, Henry B, Ben, James and Thomas. A big thank you to all the parents and teachers who came to support us that day. I’d like to say a special thank you to Mrs Thomas, Mrs Moss, Miss Moulder and Mrs Marshal who supported this brilliant event. All the other teams (including the ones from separate schools) did very well and tried just as hard as we did.

I am very proud to be captain of the cricket team and would do it again any day. Although we didn’t get a medal or a shield, we did have lots of fun and I hope all the year fives will have just as fun playing all sorts of different sports. Maybe we’ll come first next year. Thank you to everyone who was involved in this experience. It has been absolutely amazing 😊!