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Year 5 and 6 Netball and Football Report

On Thursday 14th October, Year 5 and 6 took part in their first festival at Princes Risborough School this year – a mixed netball and football tournament.


Football Report

by James


Each game was 5 minutes with no half times.


Our first game was against Monks Risborough (team A), it was a close game of 1-0 to us with Neh scoring.


The second game was also close, us winning again, 2-1 against Monks Risborough (team B) with Xander and Neh scoring.


Game 3 was our best game, winning 2-0 against Bledlow ridge with Daniel and for his third goal, Neh.


The forth game was the same score as the first 1-0 to us but against Naphill and Walters Ash with Daniel scoring again.


Our final game was a draw, 1-1, us Vs Longwick and Daniel, again, scoring.


In the end, we played 5 games, won 4, draw 1, score 7 goals and concede 2.


Overall, we came second due to goal difference. Thank you to Mr Bundock for teaching and coaching us.



Netball Report

By Morwenna


Last week the Year 5 and 6 Netball Team took part in a competition at Princes Risborough Upper School against 5 other teams.


We had lunch early and left at 12:30 arriving 15 minutes later at the school. As soon as everyone was there, we gathered in the sports hall and each school was assigned a sports leader and was taken outside to do some warm-ups on the field. The warm-ups consisted of running up to the halfway line of the football pitch and back again, hopping, side stepping as well as many others. After about 5 minutes, Miss Moulder took us to the netball pitch where we played our first game.


Because there were 9 of us, four of us were subs and cheered on the people playing. Just before our game started, everyone was starting to feel the adrenalin and we were all getting excited. When we had finished though, our confidence had been boosted and we had won 4 – 0!


Our next game was a little tougher but, in the end, we still managed to come through and win 5– 0!


At the start of the next game, Miss Moulder warned us that this next team – Bledlow Ridge – were going to be more of a challenge. I was a little doubtful but out team still went on and tried a bit harder than we had. We were a little daunted at their more aggressive behaviour, but we carried on trying our hardest. Sadly, they won 1- 0.


Again, we were warned about how this team was apparently challenging, but we won 3-0.


Finally, we all trooped back on to the court, a bit weary from the other games. Again, we tried our hardest. Again, we won, this time 4–0.


After that, we all had to go onto the field where they told us the results. Bledlow Ridge came first and we came second, which was a good result but next time, we will do better.