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Year 3 and 4 Forensic Science Day

Children were told that they were going to investigate a crime scene. They were asked what sort of things could be left at a crime scene that they might be able to use to help them find the criminal. They came up with lots of ideas.  Dan told the children about the different types of fingerprints people might have. Year 3 and 4 then looked at their own fingerprints to determine which type they had. They then found out all the different things that could be found out from a footprint left at the scene, such as weight and height. After this Dan talked about the different ways a persons DNA can be found. Information about a person can be found in blood, saliva, sick as well as others! Very interesting! After Year 3 and 4 were given all this information, they were ready to solve the case. 

In groups they worked hard to find as much evidence as they could from a crime scene in order to find out who the victim and the criminal were. Each group manage to uncover the crime. What an excellent set of detectives we have