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St Johns Year 6 Girls Netball Tournament Report

On Saturday the 5th of March, the Year 6 girls Netball Team attended a Netball Tournament taking place at Kingsmead netball centre against five other teams. The first match was against Hamilton team B, the roles were, Morwenna, Goal Keeper; Hanna, Centre; Frankie, Goal attack; Chloe, Goal Defence and Naomi, Goal shooter.  Adrenaline was high as it was our first match luckily our tactics worked and our excitement did not go to waste as we were winning in the first half of the match. We had heard the whistle blow for our 3 minute change-over, Morwenna, Frankie and Chloe went off whilst Hannah, Gabriella and Cleo came on, the match went amazing as we had won by 1-0 to us.

The second match was harder than expected, it was against Hamilton team A. (which was the better team from Hamilton) Hanna C, Naomi and Gabriella were off for the first half. We started alright, but as the game got more developed, we started to fall behind. Hamilton Team A girls were incredibly good and had lots of tactics. Another thing to their benefit was that they also had very tall players which gave them an advantage in shooting, and by the start of the second half we were losing. Our nerves were high and on edge, we were determined to try and beat them. It was a tough battle; we scored, they scored ,but ,sadly, overall they won 6-2. We were told not to be disappointed as they were a difficult team to beat and we had played well.

At 10:06am, we had a stressful match against St Pauls. Before the match we had been told St Johns had never beaten them so we were determined to break their winning streak. At first we had Hannah M, as Goal Defence; Frankie ,Goal Shooter; Gabriella, Goal Keeper; Naomi, Goal Attack and Cleo as Centre. At first, we were very pleased with ourselves as we immediately got one goal in, soon followed by another two. The annoying thing was, they had also been scoring a few goals and by half time it was 3-3. At that point we had a quick changeover and Morwenna, Hanna and Chloe came on, while Hannah M, Gabriella and Naomi came off. The second half was tense as both teams were battling their hardest to win and sadly, St Pauls came away from the match with 4 goals compared to our 3.

All hope was not lost though, as we had a 10 minute break before our next match, and before long we were all hyped up again.

Our fourth game was about to commence. We stood at the side lines, wating to face our next opponents : Bledlow Ridge...... Morwenna, Frankie and Cleo were off and poised at the edge of the court, watching, waiting for a goal. By the end of the first half, we were at a tie. The second half started and it was a game of luck, would they score first?? Disappointingly we were joyless and they won 1-0. Mrs Wilkinson congratulated us at the end; we had just lost by only one nill to the supposedly best team there!

We played against Hamilton B next and annoyingly, they won 2-1.

Next up, we braced ourselves for our next match against Hamilton A. This time we weren’t about to let them win again. We played our hardest and our efforts payed off........... We drawed with them 2-2. Our team had scored to expertly aimed goals against a very hard team

All the adrenaline from that match must’ve given us a massive boost of confidence as our team was on absolute fire. We were like a goal machine, scoring goal after goal after goal. St Pauls did their best to hold us back but we were too good for them and in the end we won 4-2!!!!! Result!!!!!                                                

We had one final game against Bledlow Ridge and we were worn out. Our legs were aching, our hands were burning  with cold but we kept on playing our hardest. The result was not the best but we still played the best we could and the end result was 2-0 which is not bad but there is always room for improvement.

We had an award ceremony at the end; we were all tensed up, waiting for the results of the tournament. In fifth place was Hamilton B, fourth place was St Pauls! We had beaten them!!! On to the top three......... In third place we had.... St John!!!!!!!! Second place we had Bledlow Ridge and first was Hamilton A! The overall result was a great place and next time we will do even better!!

Thank you to Mrs Thomas, Mr Newton and all the parents who came to watch! And ,last but not least, I would like to say a MASSIVE thank you to Mrs Wilkinson who took us to the match and encouraged us the whole way through the tournament as well as giving us additional tips.