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Spring Term RE Theme Day

On our Spring Term RE Theme Day, the children had opportunities to explore aspects of the Easter story, appropriate to their age. There was time for reflection and for some creative responses from the children.


Reception made some beautiful Easter Gardens portraying the different parts of the Easter story; they ate hot cross buns and did lots of role play. In Year 1 they looked at different ways of celebrating Easter, they made cards and decorated Easter eggs – they have been learning about the importance of the Easter story this half term in RE. Year 2 looked at some ’big questions’ and explored aspects of the story that puzzled them; they decorated some Resurrection Eggs and looked at the meaning behind the different symbols of Easter.


Years 3 and 4 explored the question of why it was called ‘Good Friday.’ They made and decorated crosses – using symbols and colour to represent different parts of the story. 


Years 5 & 6 learned about Hunger Cloths and how they are used during Lent to focus prayer. Each class discussed their ideas before creating their own Hunger Cloths, which can be seen below.