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Mrs Harrison and Mrs Rae Year 2

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History homework - 17th November 2022

To help with our understanding of the Great Fire of London, have a go at this interactive game then write 3 facts you have learnt in your homework journal. 

Bonfire Night

We created a collective poem about bonfire night to go with some brilliant firework art the class created as a homework task. Each pupil wrote a sentence to describe the blazing fire on a flame.

Theme Week Exhibition 


We hope you had an opportunity to visit the school exhibition celebrating our theme week - First People. If you didn't, here are some photos of Year 2's wonderful work!


Theme Week - Inuit


Year 2 had a brilliant week learning about the Inuit people. The Inuit originally settled in Alaska (North America), Canada and Greenland and adapted to survive the harsh artic tundra. 


We created our very own information books and made igloos. We also painted some beautiful art inspired by Canandian artist Ted Harrison, featuring an Inuksuk (a special stone statue that is very important to the Inuit). 


Later in the week we played some games - hunting for whale, polar bear, seal and caribou. 


More of our work will be displayed at the exhibition but in the meantime, we hope you enjoy these photos.




For National Poetry day year 2 had a go at writing their own poems inspired by the 'The Word Bird' by Sally Crabtree.


We wrote our own class version of the Word Bird, created some group poems and made these beautiful word bird books filled with our own poems and collections of words we like!


Supporting Home  

Below are some suggested games that your child might like to try. They will help build their number fluency and confidence with number facts.  

Free App Game  

1 minute maths: White Rose Maths  

Download from the app store to your tablet or phone.  

Sharing books

Year 6 have been learning about schools during the Victorian period and have been doing a project where they produce a book about schools for a younger audience. Their books had information on teachers, lessons, uniform, food, punishments and lots more! This afternoon Year 6 read their books to Year 2 who were an incredibly polite and well-behaved audience! 

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