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Mr Norton Year 6

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Victorians Christmas Year 5/6 enjoyed an immersive experience today where they were transported back to the 24th December 1897 to take part in a Victorian Christmas at school. In the morning the children had to work like a Victorian Child would; focusing on handwriting, spellings and arithmetic using shillings, pennys and pounds. After break, they worked on Christmas decorations for the tree. Some children also had to be disciplined for some poor behaviour at break time!!! To the end the day both Year groups put on an incredible music hall full of music, comedy, acrobats, weightlifters and much more! It was a truly amazing day and thank you to all the parent volunteers who came and helped out!

Science Homework - WB 21.11.22

Science - Light

The children took part in an experiment today. They used a torch, 3 pieces of card with holes and one piece of card as a screen. When the holes in the pieces of card were lined up, you could see a circle of light on the screen. When the children moved one of the pieces of card, the holes were not lined up anymore and so the light was blocked. This showed that light travels in straight lines.

Science Homework


Year 6 have been learning about schools during the Victorian period and have been doing a project where they produce a book about schools for a younger audience. Their books had information on teachers, lessons, uniform, food, punishments and lots more! This afternoon Year 6 read their books to Year 2 who were an incredibly polite and well-behaved audience! 

Thursday 6th October was National Poetry Day, and we were inspired to write some poetry. We took our inspiration from The Lost Words Book by Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris and wrote acrostic poems about our favourite plant or animal. It was a joy to see the creativity on display by the children as we wrote our poems neatly on tracing paper and stuck them on top of a coloured drawing of their animal of choice. 

Computing - Communication


In computing we considered how people can work together when they are not in the same location. The children discussed ways of working and completed a collaborative online project about a country that they had to research. The only rule was that they couldn't speak in person, and they had to communicate online!

Science - Electricity


In Science we have been looking at what might affect the brightness of bulbs. The children added and took away different components to see how the brightness of the bulb was affected. In addition, they drew out the circuits that they created using the correct scientific symbols.

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