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Year 4 Multiplication Tables Check

In 2020, the new Year 4 Multiplication Tables Checks will become a statutory assessment requirement for all year 4 children. Pupils will be required to take part in a short online test to make sure that their times tables knowledge and recall is at the expected standard.

What is the Year 4 Multiplications Tables Check?

Pupils will be asked 25 questions on times table facts from the 2 to the 12 times tables. They are given 6 seconds to correctly input an answer so the test should last less than five minutes.

It is most likely that challenging tables (such as the 6, 7, 8, 9 and 12s) will be more frequent as these have proven to be trickiest for children to learn.  Knowing your times tables is one of the fundamental areas of numeracy that should go hand in hand with being able to read fluently. Just as the introduction of the phonics check in KS1 has helped more children to read, it is hoped that this tables check will help children show fluency in multiplication fact recall.

Multiplication tables check: information video

Schools are now able to access the multiplication tables check try it out area, before it becomes statutory in June 2020. This video provides more informatio...

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