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Governing Body Committees

To enable to governing body to fulfil its responsibilities several committees have been established that cover all aspects of school governance.  The committee structure ensures that the Local Governing Body (LGB) is made aware of the main issues from each area of the school and is informed in order to make key decisions and policy revisions as a whole when required. The current committees are:

Curriculum Committee

 Caroline Gulliver (Chair), Rebecca London, Andrew Kann, Mrs Rae and Martin Scoble.
The Curriculum Committee meet at least once a term and looks at the data available on the progress of pupils and raises challenges as appropriate.  The committee ensures that the needs of all pupils and different inclusion groups are being addressed.  The utilisation of the schools pupil premium allocation is reviewed by the Curriculum Committee to ensure that it supports any pupil or groups of pupils that are considered to have the most need.   The committee also considers completed and planned staff training, and the use of ICT and other resources.  A main focus of the committee is the planned actions for further improvement during the next term and beyond.  On an annual basis, the committee also reviews and updates, where necessary, any of the school policies which are of a curriculum nature. 

Admissions Committee
Caroline Gulliver (Chair), Mike Drewett, Andrew Kann, Rebecca London and Timothy Parker

The Admissions Committee recommends the schools admission policy for each academic year to the ODBST for approval and ensures that it is adhered to.  Any admission appeals are also addressed by members of the Admissions Committee on behalf of ODBST.

Resources Committee
Caroline Gulliver (Chair), Edmund Cartwright, Mike Drewett, Rebecca London, Martin Scoble and Antony Wiles
With effect from the beginning of the academic year 2020-21, the pay and personnel, finance and building and health and safety committees were combined into a resources committee.

The resources committee meets termly and its main purpose is to provide guidance and support to the Headteacher in all matters relating to resources specifically: pay and personnel including reviewing and updating policies and procedures related to staff, the practical application of policies and questions how they are being used. Staffing matters such as staff mix, recruitment, performance management, staff training and other ad hoc staff issues are also discussed and challenged where appropriate. 

One of the statutory responsibilities of Governors is to approve and review, on an ongoing basis, the school’s annual budget.  Every resources committee meeting therefore includes a review and challenge of the actual spend to date compared to the budget to ensure that the school is being financially responsible.  Any non-routine expenditure items are also discussed and prioritised in accordance with the school budget constraint. On an annual basis, the committee also reviews and updates, where necessary, any of the school policies which are of a finance nature. 

The resources committee aims to proactively manage the ongoing provision of a safe, healthy and supportive environment for the education of the children and the welfare of staff and visitors.  As well as assisting the Headteacher with risk assessments the Governors are also trained in safeguarding issues so as to be able to provide additional support and perspective ensuring the security of both children and data. 
The knowledge and skills that the Governors bring from involvement with facilities in commercial life, and at other schools, ensures that the school benefits from appreciation of the latest technologies and the ability to critically assess proposals by ODBST's approved suppliers.